Hi all, we're starting a project to integrate Grow...
# announcements
Hi all, we're starting a project to integrate Growthbook and are currently in the pre-work and planning stage. Are there any existing Growthbook users who'd be willing to share how you've structured your system? Specifically, I'm interested in how you've utilized Projects and Taggings. Our team is relatively small, with 30+ engineers and 3 data analysts and our main application is a Rails backend with Next.js and React Native clients. We're considering structuring a Project per Growthbook client, allowing us to filter requested features per platform. We're also thinking about using tags to describe feature type (like rollout, killswitch, and experiment) and feature lifespan (temporary, permanent). I've linked an RFC below that I'm using internally to get consensus and it touches on Feature naming, Project structure, Tagging, User roles, and system ownership. If you've used similar strategies or found other approaches that work well, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y0jioWNboStoTfm2UEuEHfpDdo5HJFYX56veTyF6xUM/edit