Hey folks, I’m trying to get started with Growthbo...
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Hey folks, I’m trying to get started with Growthbook - installing on a dev server for testing/evaluation purposes but I’m getting stuck. I made these changes to
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  - "4000:3000"
  - "4100:3100"
  - mongo
  - MONGODB_URI=<mongodb://root:password@mongo:27017/growthbook?authSource=admin>
  - APP_ORIGIN=https://<dobdomin.domain.com>:4000
  - API_HOST=https://<dobdomin.domain.com>:4100
  - JWT_SECRET=<secret>
And created a simple proxy config on nginx. Nothing fancy, but I keep getting this error:
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Error connecting to the GrowthBook API at https://<dobdomin.domain.com>:4100.

Received the following error message:

Load failed
What am I missing?
Hi Wagner - typically you get that error because of using internal urls
the API_HOST url must be the url that the application running in your browser can use to request data from the API.
so, you should be able to visit the API_HOST url in your browser, and if it’s working, you’ll see a JSON object returned
the APP_ORIGIN is used for CORS headers, and should match the URL of the app as seen from the API