Hello everyone. I have a problem with metrics. I h...
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Hello everyone. I have a problem with metrics. I have two tables in bigQuery that they have one column in common. I made a first metric a count type metric (
View Page Count
) and the second one count type (
Successful signups
) and I choose the first metric as
for the second one. Now the problem is however there are some data in there I can't see any data on the Experiment. I wonder if I have to make the join table somewhere else or growthbook does this internally ?
It's very hard to help out without knowing more about your data. What happens when you add the metrics separately? Are they using the same identifier type? https://docs.growthbook.io/app/datasources#identifier-types
yes they use the same identifier. so with the first query I get total count of visits (type count ) and in second total count of success ( type Binomial ) I need to calculate the percentage of total success rate but when I choose the second metric as Binomial I can't choose Denominator any more. user_id is the identifier for both. How can I achieve the percentage of total success in general ? Should I do it in one single query or connect them with Denominator ?
I just created a join table in Experiment Assignment Queries and seems I don't need Denominator anymore. I'm getting some numbers that seems correct.