G’day :wave: I was hoping to get some help with an...
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G’day 👋 I was hoping to get some help with analysing our app experiment results in GA4 The experiment ID is coming through as expected, and is usable as a custom dimension, however the variation ID for whatever reason doesn’t seem usable as a custom dimension... See images attached for how this manifests – essentially it shows 0 users have the variation ID attributed to them. The variation ID data does however seem to be coming through in the real-time parameter information We’ve separately run experiments on the web using Growthbook and both experiment ID and variation ID have been usable as a custom dimension in reporting as expected - this seems to only be an issue for our app experiment. I was wondering if anyone had come across this issue before and whether you could offer any suggestions for fixing this problem?
I’ve not seen that - but I’m not an expert on GA4 dimensions
It’s a bit of a weird one. Very confusing that it works on web, but not on app experiments