when setting up the ab test and this metric as con...
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when setting up the ab test and this metric as conversion metric I don't see results, I setup the metric minimum as 5 and that doesn't help. after 24 hours I see no results, I do see that traffic is going to both variations... How do I debug that?
Hi Kobi
mixpanel uses JQL language (which is mostly javascript) and you can see the full jql we run by going to view queries on the experiment results page
It could be the conversion window - or perhaps no one who was exposed to the experiment triggered that metric?
We have a lot of traffic, this is what I am asking, how can I see how many users went through a variation for example... this will help debug, right now I see nothing in the results tab
I also see that mixpanel integration is not adviced ..?
Hi Kobi - are you sure the event name you’re firing for the experiment exposure is correct for the analytics?
you should be able to grab the JQL and run it directly in mixpanel - you can isolate just the exposure query and see if it’s returning any users
if there's a document explaining how you map the event name and how to debug that part...
found the issue when troubleshooted the jql, it was in the mixpanel integration , experiment id was incorrect