hi long time user first time Slacker, Having some...
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hi long time user first time Slacker, Having some overall site performance issues, and any help would be greatly appreciated we currently init growthbook in our React app root file a la
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growthbook = new GrowthBook({someStuff})


      <App params={params} />
was wondering if anyone new of a more ad-hoc way to implement GB so that we wouldnt have to use it sitewide, when we only have a handful of experiments on a handful of components. Any other suggestions regarding speeding up Growthbook are also welcome!! Thanks all Kev
Hi Kevin, it's definitely possible to use GB in a more ad-hoc manner. You could use the JavaScript SDK instead and place it exactly where you need to use it. The JS SDK runs under the hood of our React SDK so it would be effectively the same thing.
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thank you Adnan, i will give this a whirl!