Hi folks! We ’re trying use Growthbook as an Exper...
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Hi folks! We ’re trying use Growthbook as an Experiment Analysis Only platform and we have hard time finding documentation about how to process on the growthbook documentation. Any advice on it ?
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In particular, which columns should we create to make Growthbook able to analyse our experiments ?
We built GrowthBook to be flexible enough to work with most existing data without requiring you to create special columns or tables just for us. For example, if you use different column names than we expect, you can just add an alias in the SQL that GrowthBook uses (
SELECT myExpNameCol as experiment_name ...
) Our docs go into a little more detail on the specific SQL queries that you can configure in GrowthBook and what data we're expecting. https://docs.growthbook.io/app/datasources#configuration-settings
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Thank you @future-teacher-7046 for this page! From my understanding of its content, the column names expected by growthbook for the experiment queries assignment are
, with the possibility of customizing the identifier and/or using aliases, would mind confirming this information. ? If so, I would advise a slight rephrase of the sentence on the page mention to make it crystal clear (ex:
Make sure to return the exact column names *(<identifier_type>, timestamp, experiment_id and variation_id)* that GrowthBook is expecting. If your table's columns use a different name, add an alias in the SELECT list