Hi, a question about the SQL request on Experiment...
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Hi, a question about the SQL request on Experiment Assignment Queries in date sources: Do they only request data from experiment start date (and before end date if it exists) or does it request the whole table each time we click on update results ? How can I check the full executed query ?
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Hey Julien - while I can't speak for every case, the default experiment assignment queries GrowthBook creates do only query data between the experiment start/end dates. Of course, you can customize this and all queries completely, so it's possible the
clause that does this filtering could've been removed. To see all of the queries, you can go to a running experiment, and click the '3 Dots' menu within the Analysis Settings and you'll see the
View Queries
option. Please note - the experiment page does have two current designs - new and old. The instructions above are specific to the
Thx Michael, I’ll check that
As far as I understand it, if it’s not explicitly written in the SQL of Experiment Assignment Queries it will parse the whole database. Since my events DB is quite large, I will put some timestamp where condition. From the growthbook demo project :