Hi! We’re one company running two e-commerce sites...
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Hi! We’re one company running two e-commerce sites with different tech stacks. They do have the BigQuery project in common. Should we use two separate GrowthBook setups?
one would probably be better - that way you can run one experiment across both sites if you need
Thanks for the reply! Since the sites are setup different I guess we will have several different dimensions and metrics unique to each data source - which is combination of site / env (Site A - integration, etc.). It’s two sites, each with a production and integration env. This won’t be a hassle? Are there ways to keep things organised?
Hi Kristoffer, we had an unusually large number of support requests come in yesterday and I apologize we weren't able to close the loop on your request here. It's on my radar and I'll look into it tomorrow (Friday). I appreciate your patience.
Hi there, typically you'd use a combination of projects and environments to handle this scenario (projects could refer to "_site + business-unit"_ for example). Usually environments are reserved for things like "dev", "staging", "production" etc, but you could probably do some double lifting here as well. I'd probably recommend trying to run with this until you're hitting an actual constraint.
Sounds good, thank you for your time and have a great weekend
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