Hi everyone. I have an issue with GB, I setup some...
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Hi everyone. I have an issue with GB, I setup some targeting group on my feature. like for instance
country not equal to 'GB'.
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trackingCallback: async (experiment, result) => {
    await sendSomeEvent(experiment, result)
when I test it manually everything seems right and trackingCallback ( and sendSomeEvent ) is not being called*. But* in larger scale when the code is on production I see events are being called for country GB which is not expected coz I want to exclude that country. ( I'm setting country as an attribute )
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growthBook.setAttributes({ country });
I don't understand why this is happening.
@colossal-alligator-31194 Can you confirm that you have the same targeting conditions applied to your
environment? The screenshot you shared shows your
environment rules.
yes they are the same.
both env have the same configuration.
We've selfhosted Growthbook and here is the main setup code, but as I said it's fine when I test it manually but since we've a lot of users a portion of them are getting this event which they shouldn't. My assumption is: 1. the way I'm setting attributes ? ( but it works fine for almost a lot of cases ) 2. the free plan of selfhosted limitation ? 3. race condition between initSelfHostedAPI and setGrowthBookAttrs
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export const growthBook = new GrowthBook({
  trackingCallback: async (experiment, result) => {
    await sendSomeEvent(experiment, result);

const setGrowthBookAttrs = ({ id, country }: { id?: string; country?: string }) =>
    ...(country ? { country } : undefined),

export const initiateGrowthBook = ({  country }) => {
  const id = "Getting this from cookies";

  setGrowthBookAttrs({ id, country) }); // set attributes after initiating GB
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useLayoutEffect(() => {
    initiateGrowthBook({ country });
  }, []);
@colossal-alligator-31194 Hmm... yea, it's possible this could be a race-case issue.
may not be defined at the time of bucketing, but it is available by the time the trackingCallback is fired. I can confirm that this is not a limitation of the free self-hosted plan. One thing that might be helpful is when you're initializing GrowthBooth, you can set
enableDevMode: true
and then use our Chrome DevTool Plugin. This allows you to see what attributes GrowthBook has access to.
yeah I have the plugin actually. will look into it again.
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