Hello! We are using the PHP SDK of GB for features...
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Hello! We are using the PHP SDK of GB for features. Around 1:47PM CDT today we started having issues where we were experiencing timeouts when loading features. Did anything happen during that time? Are we being rate limited or anything? Is there a way to see how many api requests we have made in a month? We are on the Pro account.
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Http\Client\Exception\NetworkException: Failed to connect to <http://cdn.growthbook.io|cdn.growthbook.io> port 443 after 130032 ms: Connection timed out in /var/app/current/vendor/php-http/curl-client/src/Client
Thank you!
Hi Anthony - let me check
Thank you Graham!
no logged downtime, let me check the logs
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you are using the Cloud version, right?
Yes, we are not self hosting
CDN looks fine on our end. No increase in error rates or latency around that time.
you are hitting the cdn url right?
yes, using
. I just checked to make sure and it is hitting CDN.
Do you know if we hit any rate limits or anything?
I dont think we do any rate limiting
I saw in the GB API that there is this error:
*429* - Too Many Requests - You exceeded the rate limit of 60 requests per minute. Try again later.
oh interesting
one sec
Yes, we have rate limiting for the REST api, but not the CDN
what url are you hitting?
ah ok
client_key taken from the SDK connections in the dash board
That endpoint should never return a 429 error. Are you sure that error wasn’t from a different request?
We didn't get that error, I was just curious if we were being rate limited
and found that error in the api docs
oh, right, I misread
no worries, appreciate the help
Is there anything from my end I can get to help figure out what happened?
did it stop?
It seemed to resolve itself after about 10 minutes. Let me see if we are still experiencing anything
Not seeing issues now but it was intermittent an hour or so ago. Will be checking logs tomorrow and can back to you
@fresh-football-47124 Good Morning, hope you are well. Had a question about setting a time out for loading features. Our logs from yesterday indicated a 130 second time out,
Failed to connect to <http://cdn.growthbook.io|cdn.growthbook.io> port 443 after 130032 ms:
. Are we able to set the timeout?
@fresh-football-47124 updated on this, the errors seemed to stop at 2023-09-20 204959 UTC yesterday.