[Data modeling Growthbook + GA4] hello, I have an...
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[Data modeling Growthbook + GA4] hello, I have an GA4 event to track my north star metric (RPS, revenue per session). This event has some utm parameters (source, campaign, device, etc). To track RPS by experiment in growthbook, I am seeing 2 options: 1. create one parameter called 'experiment_name' and another 'experiment_value' that come from growth book interface inside this event a. pro: just one time setup in GA4 / tag manager b. cons: can´t run more than one experiment in parallel 2. create one parameter for each experiment. Ex: exp_home_button, exp_footer_color, etc a. pro: multiple experiments in parallel b. cons: ga4 setup for each new experiment How do you guys solve this with minor ga4 setup + multiple experiments in parallel? Thanks in advance