Hi - I’m new to growthbook. I need to customize th...
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Hi - I’m new to growthbook. I need to customize the default “purchase” metric that growthbook generated. So I duplicated it, and even without editing the sql at all I get this error “Missing the following required columns: “user_id” when I try to save. But how come purchase metric is able to be generated with user_id mentioned in the SQL? Anyways to move around this error, do I just remove user_id from identifiers supported? I am using GA4 / Big Query.
Hi, have you tried adding
to your query? like
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user_pseudo_id as anonymous_id,
Alternatively removing user_id from supported identifier types should also resolve this.
I did remove user_id and that worked fine. Does growthbook care if user_id is included or not? I’m just using anonymous_id for now, people are not logged in.