Does Growthbook have any features that allow us to...
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Does Growthbook have any features that allow us to look at all experiment results at the same time? E.g. is there a summary table we could query that has results from all running experiments?
Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out! I'm new to the team and I'm not sure if there's a table you could query directly for this. I'm not finding anything in the GrowthBook UI, either. I will ask about these 2 ways on Monday. What you could do is use the GrowthBook API to obtain this info. Here are the broad steps: 1. Call the
endpoint to fetch all Experiments (API docs) 2. Loop over the results and a. Call the
endpoint on each one (API docs). b. Then call the
on each one (API docs) Would that work for you?
Hi August, thank you! Let me know what you find out The API method could work for us.. but I'll need to take a closer look - we're trying to see whether we could the Growthbook framework for marketing campaign experiments - and having a side-by-side report of all currently running campaigns is an important view for us
Hi again Chris, thanks for your patience over the weekend. 🙂 We do not yet have a feature like this in the UI, but we are planning to release something similar fairly soon!
okay, thank you!