Hi, it seems image upload for variants has stopped...
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Hi, it seems image upload for variants has stopped working on GB Cloud. I used it before, but now when I upload images (PNG), they don't show anymore.
Hey, theres an open issue for this, you can track progress here: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/issues/1408
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Thanks, is it better to report bugs here or on Github?
reporting bugs on github would be best. it would be great to make a new separate issue since it's on a different page, and link back to this issue (e.g. put
related to #1408
in the ticket body so github does the auto-linking and we can track them together). it may or may not be the same bug causing the issue. it would help us see how bad this bug is and how many pages/features it's affecting.
This should be fixed now. The files were uploading properly, but they were being blocked from displaying.
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