Reading through the PRs in GitHub. Do you know if ...
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Reading through the PRs in GitHub. Do you know if this is planned to be rolled out? Does this mean the open-source self-hosted version of GrowthBook will not support multiple projects anymore unless there is an enterprise license? Is there a list of what other features will be removed and made enterprise-only for self-hosted?
This seems to indicate there are unlimited environments and projects
We've closed this PR. This is my PR so I'm happy to weigh in on where we landed: At GrowthBook Engineering, we have a strong culture of experimentation and bottom-up decision making where many ideas related to product, strategy, and monetization are floated freely. However, you've prompted us to think more carefully about this and solidify our stance: We commit to not moving core features from free to paid, with the exception of beta, experimental, or early-preview features. We attempt to be as transparent as possible about such exceptions, calling them out in the GB UI or docs (for instance, Webhooks are free while in beta). This mirrors our general Open Core model: Existing core features (such as projects) will remain free, while future enhancements to projects may be candidate for pricing differences.
Thanks for the clarification