What’s the latency for the API (<https://cdn.growt...
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What’s the latency for the API (https://cdn.growthbook.io/api/features/sdk-somekey) returning the feature in the response after the feature has been enabled in the dashboard?
can’t seem to toggle on any previously disabled features (as in, I update it in the dashboard here - but the API still fails to return that flag for that environment) 🤔 either that or the cache is really long. will come back tomorrow and check
Can’t seem to add new features as well. Not sure what’s up, did we hit our API limit?
API limits don't affect the SDK payloads or cache TTLs. Something else must be going on. Is your feature and/or SDK connection scoped to a specific project or environment? Updates should happen after roughly a minute. If you're using streaming (SSE) then subscribed SDKs should get the updates almost instantly.
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Yep, the experiments needed to have the correct Project set before the API returned the linked feature. That explains it. Thanks!