Hey team, I wanted to know that while adding exper...
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Hey team, I wanted to know that while adding experiments on growthbook and targeting specific users only what should be id and filter used?We tried using below conditions but it's not working. Can you please help with it?
you want to target specific users to get a certain treatment or get a certain treatment and be included in the analysis?
I want to target specific users to get certain treatment
okay, so I suggest that you use a targeting rule for that
the first matching rule is what is returned
so add one targeting rule for that user (or set of users), then the experiment underneath.
That user will not be included in the experiment reports, but can get the same treatment
I have doubt that i want a specific user to see set a but not set b so what should be condition for this? how to define whether they will be in control or variation set?
@tall-winter-89750 check here
@fresh-football-47124 https://www.loom.com/share/e73a42df4e7e48b7b91db173583d7d9c?sid=ff6b8a43-3cde-4c5e-ab31-c9abf6f51c0c Please have a look at this video, we have tried to explain our problem statement. Let us know what is wrong here. Thank you.
I think there are two things going on
one, using experiments like this isn’t right - but there may be an implementation error too
okay, so you want to do an AB test with one particular merchant - I will say, that this will bias the results