Hi, I need to split the result of an AB test by ne...
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Hi, I need to split the result of an AB test by new or already existing users. My metric is Retention D7, so I use
conversion delais
conversion windows
. I am able to know if a user is new at the moment he enters the AB test, but I lose this info as days goes on. How can I create a dimension based on an information I have only when the user enters the experiment ? What’s the behavior of
dimension columns
when the user have multiple exposures events and the dimension value changes ? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏
I might have found my answer in the doc :
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we can always know the dimension that is associated with the first experiment exposure for a unit
So if I flag my user as a new user using a dimension at its first exposure, it will be considered new when I split the test results for the whole test duration. is that right ?
There might be some nuances with the SQL, depending on the date of expsure, and how you define that dimension.
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