Hey guys. I’m trying to move to Growthbook from Go...
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Hey guys. I’m trying to move to Growthbook from Google Optimize for my company, but probably have some issues around that. What I have/done: 1) Connected React SDK to our NextJS website project (only locally for now). 2) Connected Growthbook to our production Google Analytics 4 property via BigQuery. 3) Set up “trackingCallback” function which sends “experiment_viewed” event to GTM 4) Added this event tag and trigger in GTM to send it to GA4 5) Verified that event is triggered and shows up in TagAssistant and GA4 debug view 6) Created and started experiment locally The issue is that we still not receiving any results from the experiment. Shows as “No data yet. Make sure your experiment is tracking properly.” Probably I need to wait as I’ve just recently did all those steps. For example I still not receiving “experiment_viewed” event in our Google Analytics (only seen this event in debug view).
Hi Vladislav
Did you add any attributes?
you can use the chrome devtools to debug what’s happening with GrowthBook