Hello guys, i am facing with a DB error when tryin...
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Hello guys, i am facing with a DB error when trying to connect to results on my first experiment. Unknown experiment assignment table - anonymous_id can you suggest please how to fix it?
Hi - sure - you need to go to Metrics & Data and then Data sources
Click on your data source. There, you’ll see a section called “assignment queries”
you can edit those to match your data
i have a simple query like this
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2  user_id as user_id,
3  timestamp as timestamp,
4  experiment_id as experiment_id,
5  variation_id as variation_id
7  DBT_DEV.DBT_GROWTHBOOK.viewed_experiment
should i also add anonymous_id as user_id ?
this table topically about registered users in my end
maybe i need to connect my snowflake db as data source from the custom data sources. it was mixpanel in the first palace
mixpanel should work
do you have multiple randomization units? (on that same page)
i think it was one of the reason when i had the connection with mixpanel and snowflake together. it is now working by using only snowflake