Hi everyone! I have several questions setting up G...
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Hi everyone! I have several questions setting up Growthbook: 1. Can I install GrowthBook code on different domains - for example https://999.md/ and https://business.999.md/? 2. Do I have to write the Dimension myself using SQL? https://docs.growthbook.io/app/dimensions#user-dimensions 3. Are Targeting attributes similar to Dimensions, and Dimensions are written in SQL, while Targeting attributes are written by programmers? https://docs.growthbook.io/features/targeting#targeting-attributes. On the original demo call I was told that the segments for dividing customers when running the experiment should be prescribed by the developers via JS, now I can't find a proper link in the documentation
1. Yes, GrowthBook itself doesn’t really care where you’re running the SDK. 2. Yes, though if you use mixpanel, its easier. 3. Yes, they can be similar, and can be the same in many cases - but how they are used are different. The attributes are used for targeting, and the dimensions and segments are used only for analysis (and don’t effect exposure). Targeting attributes are simpler to use as they require no SQL, but you do have to define in the SDK the values of the attributes.
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