Hello My company got the Pro plan for our marketin...
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Hello My company got the Pro plan for our marketing team use the visual editor but we are trying to delimit the places they can run the visual tests. How could we achieve this? Primarily we thought of having an admin account with global privileges and the marketing account with restricted pages/paths to run tests
Should we create a "Marketing Sdk" or something like that? Or two completely separate accounts and only run the marketing account client key in these pages would be the safest way to achieve this?
The visual editor only works in a pro plan?
Hi Pedro, are you trying to limit what pages your marketing team can create visual changes on? Generally, we only have some broad permissioning in the GrowthBook app...
You could create experiments and pre-define the visual changesets with URLs for the pages that you want edited. That will at least define which pages your marketing team should work on. Let me know if that makes sense.
Hello @swift-helmet-3648 Yes. In Optimize we used to have a specific container that the marketing team had access. We used to load this container in specific pages they could test.
Growthbook has a lot of features related to experiments and feature flagging, but we would like to narrow the number of features our marketing team could use. They could only manage features and visual tests related to the pages they should be able to change