Hi! We have some issues with getting our AB test ...
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Hi! We have some issues with getting our AB test running. One of our tests are actually working. But the other is not. (Simple copy change test) Everything works on the editor however when we enter the experience, the change is actually not made
Hi! I imagine we'll ask for more information, but to start: ā€¢ Are these visual editor experiments or code changes? Sounds like editor, just want to check ā€¢ How is the GrowthBook SDK implemented on your site?
Hi Matthew! 1. We are using Visual editor and using JS to change the visuals. 2. Its impolemented with React
Hi, it sounds like the SDK may not be configured on your site. Have you tried opening up the GrowthBook DevTools extension on your site? If all is configured, you should see the experiment data being loaded. Let me know what you find
We know that the Visual editor is working, since we have a test out running that is working (however that one is acting like a personalisation at the moment, as we dont have dev recourses to fix a feature flag out of it yet). The question is, does that test take up the "space" so that the other A/B test that im developing is not shown?
No, there is no reason why multiple experiments can't run on a single page
I would highly recommend trying the DevTools extension we have to debug this. With it, you can see which experiments are loaded for the page, which variations are rendered, and even force specific variations to see the DOM changes take effect. It might help uncover what's going on.
We got it working. We had set the "Assign variation based on attribute" to a GA user_id, in which loads after the Growthbook instance, therefore no ID was set on user when GB loaded the experiment and therefore no user was assigned to the experiment. Therefore we had to not select any assignment attribute (when creating the test), to let the id be just id (and not user_pseudo_id in this case). I noticed that you can not "de-select" this attribute, therefore we needed to re-create the test šŸ™‚ Anyways, thanks for the responses!
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