Hi growthbook teams! I have a question regarding t...
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Hi growthbook teams! I have a question regarding the execution of A/B tests in GrowthBook. Is it possible to target eligible users for the test based on historical data taken from BigQuery? For instance, can we show the experiment to users who have gone through a specific journey or who haven't performed certain actions in their previous visits (e.g., not clicking on a CTA)?
currently this is possible if you’re able to pass that event or action back to the SDK as an attribute, or by using Remote Evaluations.
Hi @fresh-football-47124, i’m Alessandro’s co-worker: I have familiarity with attribute but I never used Remote Evaluations. Could you explain better how does it work and can you share a link to the documentation?
@happy-autumn-40938 do we have docs yet on remote evaluation?
We have some basic setup instructions here. https://docs.growthbook.io/lib/js#remote-evaluation In short though, it allows you to evaluate features on a private backend within a frontend SDK. Remote eval in this specific case would be identical to the non-remote eval setup, which is what Graham mentioned above wherein you'd pass some sort of flag (based on BQ data) into the SDK as an attribute.
Hi, we are promoting GB for one of our important clients but we need some legal information: • Where are GB’s servers located? • All communications are on https protocols • Where can we find the list of cookies/local storage that are used by GB and their description? • Is SSO supported for authentication?
@billions-xylophone-11752 @fresh-football-47124
Hi Nicholas - sorry for the delay
servers are located in the US, but you can self host it where ever you like.
Yes, all communications are done using SSL/HTTPS
GrowthBook stores no cookies
Yes, we support SSO with our enterprise plans