Does anyone know what these new targeting changes ...
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Does anyone know what these new targeting changes are? "Target by Saved Group". How does that work? Docs show old ui:
This just launched last week and we haven't updated the docs yet. Sorry about that! The new UI is just a simpler way to add targeting based on Saved Groups. You can continue using attribute targeting just like before. If you specify both, they will be ANDed together to produce the final condition that is sent down to the SDK
Oh there's changes to Saved groups generally..
Saved Groups
Reusable groups of users you can target from any feature flag rule or experiment. There are two ways to define Saved Groups - Inline or at Runtime.
ok, thanks!
So can I just use the new one and it will pick up the attr based on the attr given in the saved group?
(Answer is yes 🙂 ) I just used the "new" on and it did indeed check the