How do you guys handle cases to make sure users wh...
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How do you guys handle cases to make sure users who ended up timing out from the experiment are properly excluded from the experiment, both that the analytics are correct and the reporting within Growthbook works as expected. When we run experiments via FirebaseRemoteConfig we add an attribute to our experiment for those users that the source is the local default vs the remote value, and then exclude all the local defaults from any analysis. Any way folks are handling this case on growthbook (javascript/react sdk)?
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trackingCallback: (experiment, result) => {
   analytics.track("Experiment Viewed", {
      experimentId: experiment.key,
      variationId: result.key,
      // Add properties to the .track call to represent that the user got the experiment properly via the remote rules, and not a timeout or something else
as an example, on our current homegrown system on top of Firebase’s RemoteConfig we do something like this
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AnalyticsService.track('Experiment Shown', {
        remote_config_available: experimentValue.getSource() === 'remote',
        remote_config_value: experimentValue.asString(),
        predicate_failed: predicateFailed,