Hi, we have multiple websites linked into a single...
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Hi, we have multiple websites linked into a single BigQuery warehouse and I’ve created dedicated Projects in GrowthBook to keep things tidy and separated. There is a dedicated SDK for each site that sits under a specific project and experiments with dedicated project flags are loading fine. However, I have a problem when adding data sources for each of these projects. 1. I added BigQuery as data source with default dataset and restricted the source to a specific project. 2. I imported metrics from BigQuery and again restricted them to a specific project. 3. When creating an experiment within the given project none of the imported metrics were showing in options. I tried changing the data source and metric restrictions from a single project to default ‘all projects’ but the imported metrics from those data source still weren’t available. I could only see and add metrics from the default data source. Anyone experienced the same issue ? Any suggestions?
Did you select the right data source for the experiment?
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not sure how i missed this option !