Hi! We are using Visual Editor with JS, and the im...
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Hi! We are using Visual Editor with JS, and the implementation is through GTM. We are facing some issues with the url targeting. 1. We made an url targeting for this regex:
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But GB changes it to this, teherefor it does not match the page we would like
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Could you please help, how to keep our original regex? Thank you!
Anna have you tried a different, older flavour of regex? I’ve no idea which version GB supports, but I’ve had this issue with regex differences with MySQL and Python and sometimes you need to not use the new style \*s tokes. Try sticking it through https://regex101.com/ or bard/gpt.
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Hi Matt! Thank you for the input! We will check this out!
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Our developer wrote back that he tried it, and got this. The problem is that the regex we put in, gets changed
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Hi @fresh-football-47124! Could you please help, we stuck here. Thank you!
hi Anna
you can enter the url without escaping the slashes, we’ll add the escaping
Hi @fresh-football-47124! Thank you for your answear. Our developer says he tried it too, and didnt work. Should we just take out some of the escapes then? If yes, which ones? What we try to reach with this
Is that it begins with https://ingatlan.com/ Then it includes numbers, which might come directly after the above, or there might be a text/ before e.g. https://ingatlan.com/33810996 or https://ingatlan.com/xi-ker-budapest-lakas/33810996 but after the last / there must be only numbers
like how its on the screenshot