With Fact table based metrics is there some way of...
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With Fact table based metrics is there some way of saying this is Revenue/Money so we can have the £ signs etc
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I am just playing around with Fact tables vs Classic metrics and wondering if we should use them now or wait
Hey, Naz! It doesn't look like revenue metrics are supported by Fact Tables just yet. I'll sync with the team to get some context. As for using Fact Tables vs Classic metrics - using Fact Tables will eventually unlock a lot of performance, as it will reduce the number of queries we need to run to analyze experiments, but we're still actively expanding the functionality, so if you have use cases not supported, Classic metrics will be the way to go.
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Just to clarify, we don't have specific "Revenue" metrics in fact tables, as there's no functional under the hood difference to regular count metrics. So they all are just "mean" metrics. However, you can set the formatting for metrics that come from a column by going to your Revenue
and choosing the
Number Format
to be
. Then we'll properly format your metrics in the front-end!
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Thanks that worked!
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