Hi team, I'm new to Growthbook and I'm working on ...
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Hi team, I'm new to Growthbook and I'm working on setting it up for my team (self hosted). I'm getting an error on the Data source page
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Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).
Unfortunately I'm not very front-end savvy so it's hard for me to debug. I have created a
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cat /usr/local/src/app/config/config.yml
    type: athena
      authType: auto
      region: us-east-2
      database: <my_database> 
      bucketUri: <my_bucketUri>
      workGroup: <my_workGroup>
Could someone help please? thank you
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are you getting any errors in the container logs?
No errors in the container logs
The datasource page loads without problems when removing the config file. I'm not sure what causes it to not load with the config file I shared above?
Hi, Benjamin, I believe you may have stumbled upon a bug! While we work on fixing this, you should be able to use the GrowthBook UI instead of the config file to set the data source. Could you let me know if that does the trick?
Hey there, oh that's good (or bad, idk? lol) I've used the UI in the meantime and it seems to work well - I didn't want to provide the access keys in the UI and it looks like it's picking up env variables so this is great 🙂
OK awesome, glad to hear that! I'll close this ticket for now. If a related issue comes up, you can reply in this thread and the ticket will re-open. For any new inquiries, please post a new question in #ask-questions. :-)