Hi there! :wave: Can someone please point me in th...
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Hi there! 👋 Can someone please point me in the direction of docs for general advice on mocking feature states in a React app? I want to my components for when a flag is on or off, for instance.
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you can use the devtools
or you can set some specific rules for you
Hi Graham, this is for automated tests. What I ended up doing was create a test-specific GrowthBookProvider that uses a mocked client. Then I exposed the client to my tests so that I can call the
as I need them for my specific test cases.
Basically like this:
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import {
} from '@growthbook/growthbook-react'

type FeaturesClient = GrowthBook<Record<string, unknown>> & {
  patchFeatures: (features: Record<string, FeatureDefinition<unknown>>) => void

export const featuresClient: FeaturesClient = Object.assign(
    apiHost: '',
    clientKey: '',
    enableDevMode: false,
    subscribeToChanges: false,
    features: {},
    patchFeatures(features: Record<string, FeatureDefinition<unknown>>) {

export const FeaturesProviderMock = ({
}: {
  children: React.ReactNode
}) => {
  return (
    <GrowthBookProvider growthbook={featuresClient}>
function is a small wrapper around
new GrowthBook()
. From my tests, I can then call
featuresClient.patchFeatures({ 'feature-name': { defaultValue: true } })
There is likely a nicer way to do it, but otherwise, that might help others as well.
Hi JP, I talked this over with one of our Engineers and he said that your approach is just fine. GrowthBook isn't opinionated about testing yet, nor do we have any specific suggestions in this regard. That could change in the future as our user base grows and we get more interest in the testing of our SDKs.
Hi August, I appreciate that you did that.
Yes of course, happy to help! Is there anything else related to testing that I can help with on this thread? If not, I'll go ahead and close the ticket on our side. You can always open a new support request by posting again in #ask-questions.
Sorry, I didn't see your reply. You can go ahead and close this ticket on your side. Thank you