hi! I'm testing growthbook and trying to connect t...
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hi! I'm testing growthbook and trying to connect to big query but no tables are being created in the dataset
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Hello, Dario, thanks for reaching out! Could you please send me a screenshot of your configuration in the GrowthBook dashboard?
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From Dario via DM: the dataset "growthbook" is created I see an error in the experiment result section as follows "Not found: Table destinia-243f3:growthbook.viewed_experiment was not found in location europe-west9" obviously the table viewed_experiment doesn't exists 🙂
Hi Dario, We don't create tables for most users. Your event tracker will create tables in the dataset, which depends a little bit on what event tracker (e.g. GA4, Segment) that you're using. That table not found error has two normal issues: 1. You actually don't have that table in your BigQuery. This could be because: Your experiment assignment query isn't properly configured (pointing to the wrong table) or the table doesn't exist. You'd need to find the table where you are logging experiment assignment events to using your event tracker and you need to ensure that your assignment query on the Data Source page is pointing to that table. 2. Another cause is that sometimes the permissions or the location of the project and where we execute queries is different from where the data are (e.g. us-west-1 vs europe-west-9). Could you please check those 2 things nd let me know what you find?
I didn't create any table and I'm not using any other experiment tracking software. Do you have any table strcuture recomendation or should the user choose on their own?
I manage to create the table in Big query and now I don't have any error but I'm not sure it's working. I'm running an experiment and there is not information inserted in the table.
I'm trying to fire an experiment with runInlineExperiment and it doesn't (feature is ON and experiment is running) when getting experiments using "$growthbook->getViewedExperiments();" I receive an empty array. Is something else I'm missing?
Hi Dario, thanks for the updates here. I'll take a look today and reply with an update as soon as I can.
👍 thanks!
sorry for the huge text 😕 the main issue right now is that the event is not firing