Also it'd be great if we could pause an experiment...
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Also it'd be great if we could pause an experiment to make changes to e.g. linked features and visual editor changes, especially if it hasn't yet gone live on all environments. Right now it seems like you have to stop the experiment, duplicate it, delete the old one, make the changes, fix the experiment key, delete the old broken experiment links out of the feature, then start the new experiment... (Unless I'm missing an easier way to go about this.) I understand it's not ideal to change an experiment partway through running it, but sometimes it's necessary to start it in like a dev environment to make sure everything's working, and make changes accordingly
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Thank you, Jesse, I've shared this with the team as well 🙏
Hi Jesse. You can revert an experiment back to a draft to make changes and then start it again when you're done. It's not the easiest to find in the UI right now though. Click the 3 dots in the top right of the page and select "Edit Status" and you can change it back to a draft.
Oh OK nice, thanks!