Hi, just a few thoughts/suggestions on feature fla...
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Hi, just a few thoughts/suggestions on feature flags while I'm working through my first experiment setup: ā€¢ When using a feature flag in an experiment, it seems to create a two-way link between experiment and feature flag, causing the feature flag to have unpublished changes and revert to draft mode. You then have to go and republish the feature flag, even though nothing about the feature flag itself changed. That's kind of confusing and cumbersome. Why does the feature flag need to know or care how it's being used? (It's nice to see within the feature flag page how it may be overridden by an experiment, but to me that doesn't feel like a change to the feature flag itself, that should require a separate publish, if that makes sense.) ā€¢ Relatedly, if an experiment uses a feature flag and then that experiment is deleted, the feature flag still has a broken reference to the deleted experiment, which has to be manually removed. ā€¢ When using a feature flag in an experiment, it'd be nice if the control variation defaulted to the feature flag's default value. E.g., if I'm using a feature flag named
with a default value of 7, an experiment using
should default to 7 for the control value Thanks!
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Hi Jesse, thanks a ton for this great feedback! I've shared it in our internal feedback channel so the product team can consider your suggestions. šŸ˜€
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