Hello! I guess <this> answers my question (issue t...
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Hello! I guess this answers my question (issue that we found in production šŸ˜¢). Is the tracking callback triggerd only once per experiment/session? Is this happening on purpose for any SDK or just in the JS one?
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Hi David, thanks for your question. I'll double-check with our Engineering team tomorrow and get back to you.
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Correct, the trackingCallback is triggered only once per session in the JS SDK (and I believe in all other SDKs as well). If the page is refreshed then we may fire it again.
We have been discussing internally whether we should allow users to control whether the ā€‹`trackingCallback`ā€‹ fires on each evaluation or only once. Which would you prefer?
Iā€™d prefer to trigger it at each evaluation. I find that easier to manage and more predictable.
Thank you for the feedback, David! I'll let our Engineering team know about this.
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