UX suggestion : The result page of an experiment a...
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UX suggestion : The result page of an experiment always opens with Dimension = None. Since we use dimension to split revenues & retention between new and existing users we have to chose the dimension manually each time we go to the results --> please make the result tab open with the previously used dimension already filled. It would make the use of the tool far smoother and help new comers to find their the right numbers.
Thank you for pointing this out, Julien! I'll let our product team know about this so they can discuss it 😄
We use ‘Custom Reports’ for this in my org and it works well.
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Thx @able-stone-9657. I did not try custom reports, that looks fine for my usage.
Hi Julien. One concern I have with this is having the link to an experiment results page taking you to different results depending on what your last dimension was. That could cause confusion about what results people are looking at. Indeed I think that Spencer's usage of custom reports would be the best approach in the short term. That said, having it easy for everyone to see the breakdowns that matter to you by default (and being able to update those in the background, not just overall results) is something we're aware would be valuable.