Hi Growthbook team, I tried to create my own MySQL...
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Hi Growthbook team, I tried to create my own MySQL data source to test the query, but always got the error when executing it. Here are my design and implementation, could you please take a look and advise if anything wrong here? many thanks
I kid you not. Give these screenshots and your question to GPT4 and you might get it solved. I’ve used it this way for building custom dimensions and navigating SQL and BigQuery for the first time with good success.
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you may want to also edit the identify queries
oh, what version of MYSQL do you have?
Hi @fresh-football-47124, we're using MySQL 5.6 version, is this a problem with the compatibility issue?
Hi, this seems to be a duplicate question. I recently replied on your other Slack thread. Let's keep our communications in the other thread going forward. Thanks!