Overriding Rules: If saying in rule 1 (if country ...
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Overriding Rules: If saying in rule 1 (if country = DK) Serve 1 and rule 2 is a 50-50% split based on 100% users in experiment Should users with Country=DK serve 1?
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Hi Kasper, I want to make sure I understand what you're asking. Is this correct? Rule #1 is a Forced Value Rule which forces Variation 1 to be served to users whose country is DK. Rule #2 would be an Experiment Rule which creates a 50/50 split between the default value and Variation 1, which includes all users in the experiment ​​*except the users whose country is DK*​. This is because when it comes to defining rules, order matters. Be sure to configure the rules in the correct order on your Feature's detail page. You can review our ­documentation on Override Rules. You will also need to make sure you set the ­Targeting Conditions.
Thank you getting back to me. Your description is exactly what I am trying and how I interpret the documentation. However this does somehow not always send a DK user down to variation 1. I see variation 0 very often when I test in privacy browsers to get a new version.
@brief-honey-45610 Would could be wrong when I am not seeing it works as expected?
I found out that my devs did not provide me with the correct name of the attribute- It works now 🙂
Great! Thanks for letting me know.