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Hi @rapid-greece-48554 For preview links to work, you'll need to have the SDK set up and connected on the website your making changes to. Can you confirm you've done this?
One way to check is to click on the Debug Panel (Bug icon) in the Visual Editor. It will tell you there if the SDK is loaded and if it's up-to-date
Hi, @swift-helmet-3648 thank you for telling me, you are right, our SDK is not set up. Now I have another question. The GTM is okay and the developer told me that everything is configured. We don't know why the SDK is not working.
I'm not sure. It's probably related to your GTM configuration. Is it possible that it's somehow being removed after the page is loaded? We've seen a customer have that happen before, but it might've been due to their own custom configuration, not sure.
Hi @swift-helmet-3648, yes, its a GTM issue, thank you for telling me. But the problems now that we made some chagens on GTM and the SDK still not working 😞 We really cannot find the issue
Hi @swift-helmet-3648 and @fresh-football-47124 - can you give me a light? ahahahah We still stuck. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? For example: has anyone already configured GTM and something was missing for the SDK to work? I'm not responsible for GTM, I have to ask the manager to activate it, I shared the documentation with him, but it's still not working. I have no idea what could be missing
Sometimes customers forget to call
which is required for the SDK to load
If you want something easier that works only for visual experiments, you can use our auto script which is more simple to setup.
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Thank you Adnan, ill try this option :)