Can anyone point me to a method for dealing with f...
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Can anyone point me to a method for dealing with flicker on webflow visual testing? We're implemented via tag manager if that helps in any way...
Hi @white-match-18053 You might want to try the approach in this doc titled 'Page speed optimized'
Thanks I'll read through this now!
For the visual editor, we don't have a way to circumvent the flicker today unfortunately. It's on our roadmap
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(not a built in way, but you can code one yourself- we try to make GrowthBook super fast so that any flicker is minimal, but as with any front end experiment, the flicker is unavoidable (typically anti-flicker code hides the page or section until variation assignment takes place,))
@fresh-football-47124 Thanks for the reminder about the anti-flicker code - I remember having to mess around with that for a few GO clients back in the day. Does growthbook have any example code I can work with for this?
Hey Jonathan, you could add a class name to the body, or add one when you initially load GrowthBook. When the A/B tests load and do the assignment, you remove the class from the body. Then in CSS you can do something like ​`.gb-loading .my-target-element { opacity: 0; }`​
thank you I've been looking at something similar to implement on my next test.