Hi! We have connected Big query and have europe-no...
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Hi! We have connected Big query and have europe-north as setting, but we get this error in Growthbook:
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Hey Samuel - sorry to hear you're having trouble. That error can be for a number of reasons, typically due to an error in the query itself (e.g. trying to access a dataset that doesn't exist within a project) or a permission issue. Can you go to the Data Source in GrowthBook, and click on the "View Schema Browser" button at the top of the page, and confirm that the
dataset exists within the
project? And lastly, I was able to replicate this error message when I attempted to access a table that didn't exist within a EU hosted dataset. To check this, you can go to one of the metrics in question (maybe
company-active-no (count)
and you can test the query there. And on the right-hand side of the page, you should see our Schema Browser, where you can see what tables are available. If neither of those issues above are your issues, let me know and we can debug further.
Thanks alot for your answer and, i have tested the queries in metrics and it works.
So idont think the problem is connected to a schema the dont exist or something with the query
Do you have any other tip?
Hmm - So you're able to see the Schema Browser, and the individual metric queries run successfully? It's possible the
Experiment Assignment Queries
need to be updated. Can you go to the Data Source page again and open one of the queries and test the query? You can get there by clicking the "Customize SQL" and then you'll see the option to test the query.
thanks here i got,
could that be the problem
Can you please help me , this sql returns empty becuase i dont have any with AND event_name = ‘experiment_viewed’ AND experiment_id_param.key = ‘experiment_id’ AND variation_id_param.key = ‘variation_id’
in my analytics data ,
it seem like the problem still exist
Hey, Samuel - have you started this experiment yet? Looking at the screenshot, it looks like it hasn't been launched yet.
iam not running it
i havent run it
i get it when i run update
Got it. So if the experiment hasn't been launched, it makes sense that there wouldn't be any rows returned for that query. When a user is added to the experiment and bucketed into a variation, that's when the SDK calls the
, and where your app sends that info to BigQuery.
I'm trying to figure out if that could be the cause of the error message (the
not found in location EU
). Its possible that error message could just be a red herring.
okey thanks we try to start it
Hi! i could start the experiment but something seems wrong
We started it for a few days ago
Can you help?
it seems like our metrics work
Hi, Samuel - sorry that you're still having trouble. Can you click the "update" button in the screenshot attached and let me know if/what the errors are?


Thanks, i dont get any error
it just says no data
Gotcha. Well that's good - it seems like we're passed the
not found in EU
error. So when a user is added to an experiment and assigned a variation, that's when the SDK fires the
. Have you customized what the
, so it actually updates your BigQuery database with information on which users saw which variation? E.G.
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// Create a GrowthBook instance
const growthbook = new GrowthBook({
  trackingCallback: (experiment, result) => {
    // This is where you need to update the code to push the results to BigQuery.
Thanks! i check with my techteam and get back