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12/06/2023, 5:40 PM
Hi there, We are using growthbook to roll-out new features. The specific change we are implementing is around user authentication (log in and sign up), so it is risky. We are currently testing in prod using our device IDs. One thing I would like to figure out is how/if we can use the Growthbook forced rule with an if condition on Country. Specific questions I couldn't find the clarity on in the FAQ; 1. is the country parameter IP based or browser based? 2. does Growthbook detect country automatically or do we need to send something? 3. What are the shortforms I would input for country to target? Ex. Canada or CAN or something else?


12/06/2023, 5:40 PM
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12/06/2023, 5:55 PM
Hey, Brady! Excited to hear you're using GrowthBook to roll out new features. To clarify, it sounds like you're building features and then adding targeting conditions around user attributes. These are attributes that you can define within your GrowthBook account, (E.G. you can define an attribute for
whose data type is
. Then, in your codebase, you can use the
method to pass the values of the attributes into GrowthBook. And the value you set for a particular attribute is defined by you, so unfortunately I can't answer questions 1 or 3 for you. But to answer #2: Does Growthbook detect country automatically or do we need to send something? - No, we don't do any auto attribute detection or setting, so this is something you'd define in your codebase and then pass into the GrowthBook SDK.
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