Hi Team! How can I run a test (A/A) with splitting...
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Hi Team! How can I run a test (A/A) with splitting/assigning users on the particular page on our site (I want to write this page with regex)? Can't find where to assign this page with experiment
Hey, Aksinia - Running the A/A test isn't any different than running a regular A/B test. Are you looking to run the test with our visual editor? If so, when you create the visual editor experiment, you'll have the option to customize the URL targeting with regex. And in the case of an A/A test, you just wouldn't make any changes to either variation.
If you're looking to run feature flag experiments, there is nothing special you have to do. Just evaluate the feature flag like you would normally do. If the user is put into an experiment as part of the feature flag, it will call the
automatically in the background. The trackingCallback will contain the information about which variation the user was bucketed into. And unlike an A/B test, you can then not change the UI based on which variation they're bucketed into. Does that answer your question?
Yes, thank you very much for the explanation! I thought the visual editor should only be used when I plan to make changes.