Hi folks, i have been experimenting with this appr...
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Hi folks, i have been experimenting with this approach, visual editor is great! https://docs.growthbook.io/integrations/shopify I is working well up to a point, i can make variations via visual editor and have created metrics with custom GA events sent from Shopify which i can see are being sent correctly. There is no data for the experiment though, and I think this is because there is no 'experiment_viewed' event being sent. The docs indicate that this should be handled automatically, but i can't see the event or how it would be communicated to GA. The Chrome extension shows the experiment variation being handled correctly i.e. it reports that I am seeing a certain variation. The assignment attribute for the experiment is id. In other use cases i have extracted the GA client id and set this attribute on the Growthbook instance, and this is then available as user_pseudo_Id in the BigQuery dump. For harmony I would prefer to use this method here. If I use the assignment attribute of clientId that I use in other cases for the Shopify experiment, I get "Skip because missing hashAttribute" - presumably because clientId is not sent. So my question is both the tracking event that should occur and if it possible to assign by clientId. I can extract this in Shopify of course if it is possible to use it.
Anyone got any experience of this integration, or ideas on this?