I am trying to disable streaming feature, i found ...
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I am trying to disable streaming feature, i found this code snippet const gb = new GrowthBook({ apiHost: GROWTH_BOOK_API_HOST, clientKey: GROWTH_BOOK_CLIENT_KEY, // Enable easier debugging during development enableDevMode: true, // Disable background streaming connection backgroundSync: false, subscribeToChanges: false, trackingCallback: (experiment, result) => { // analytics tracking } }); But it doesn’t work. The properties backgroundSync and subscribeToChanges, don’t exist. How can i turn off streaming updates? Note that i used GB cloud
Hi Mohamed, are you using the JS SDK?
you might be on an older version of the SDK
Yes i have 2 experiments one using JS SDK and the other using React SDK
We updated the SDk and now we see the properties, but adding this code did not turn off streaming updates. Anything else we should do?
FYI @incalculable-country-73693
are you sure that code is live? The subscribe to changes is what does it