Hi! If i want to use percentage metric , how shoul...
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Hi! If i want to use percentage metric , how should i think about anonymous_id , user_id and timestamp in this case. Iam not able to have these outputs because the percentage is calculated in a interval. This metric is gonna be a guardrail metric så i want to split the users från the test in the guardrail. and not run it on all ,
I'm not sure I fully understand. By "percentage metric", are you trying to do something like "99th percentile latency"? Or something like "percent of users who did X"?
Iam having a experiment where i have the goal metric on number-of-contact-request-sent by unique employer_account_id . In my experiment i want to setup a guardrail metric becuase this experiment can have a implication on the grade of request being accepted by the candidates. So in my world this needs to by a % metric. Now i have setup a guardrailmetric by a sql where i have ainterval in time from the experiment started, to now. the value metric is (number of sent request / accepted request) and i also group by employer_id which is user_id så i get the percentage for each employer account så i can track from which test it bellongs.. Is this correct and best practice for this? The timestamp is gonna be N/A so i write MAX at this line becuase in this interval there are many timestamps..
Also should the metric and guardrail metrics in experiment always be per user_id ? the same user_id which we collect in GA4