Hey everyone, I was attempting to initialise Growt...
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Hey everyone, I was attempting to initialise Growthbook in main process of my Electron App and then use its features via renderer process, so that I don't have to wait for its initialisation I was successful in initialising it in the node environment but how do i expose it to render process? I tried
preload.js to pass the growthbook functions but its throwing an error. Not really sure whats causing it. Also if I pass the the functions via ipc calls, it works fine but I dont want to make ipc calls for that Any help is appreciated Attaching screenshots for : 1- both the approaches (
ipc call
method is the commented one) 2- the error I'm getting if I dont use Ipc call method.
Hi Manuj, can I ask why you don't want to use IPC calls? That seems to be the official way of connecting the
processes within an Electron app.