Hi team, one of our use cases for experimental ana...
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Hi team, one of our use cases for experimental analysis is to show the overall impact if we launch the treatment. For example, we not only want to know the % lift between control and treatment but also the overall lift between 100% treatment (assuming we decide to launch it) and the current baseline. With that, we can understand how would the business impact be by treatment. Is there any way to calculate and show the overall impact on GrowthBook?
Hi Tino - I will check with @helpful-application-7107 but I believe this is in the works
Thank you Graham!
Hi @straight-hairdresser-25635, what's currently available is the "Scaled Impact" Difference Type in your results view. This will be "what is the daily total impact as if 100% of users had gotten the treatment?". You can read more here: https://docs.growthbook.io/app/experiment-results#difference-types That will be an absolute value in the natural units of your metric. We don't currently compare this to a baseline (or have plans to do this in the immediate future), but if you have your baseline number in the Metrics view or elsewhere, you can compute the %age yourself.
Got it, appreciate the information @helpful-application-7107!