Hey all, thanks for creating this amazing product!...
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Hey all, thanks for creating this amazing product! Been diving deeper into GrowthBook’s A/B Testing lately, and I have a question for my use case: I want to have an experiment with three variations where they are targeted based on a unique User ID. Is it possible to have a rule override that targets specific User IDs and assign them a certain variation? It is for easier testing purposes. thanks in advance!
you can do that. The easiest way is with a force rule before the experiment rule
(you usually want to exclude forced users from the analytics to avoid a bias)
Hey Graham, thanks for your answer! I’ve figured out how to do it now.I initially set the FF value to a boolean and wasn’t able to force a value into a string for my Experiment. Now that I’ve changed it to a string FF, I can force my users correctly. Much appreciated 🙌